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We have been working in the Print and Embroidery business for a long time and we’re always searching for tools that can help simplify our business flow. The common problem was that the tools didn’t support our business needs or they were incredibly expensive without a guarantee that the tool would even work. After years of terrible tools we decided to build our own.

Our new software system will revolutionize the way you do business. With a clear, logical flow and a concise yet effective User Interface, your employees will love it; and when you see the decrease in order errors, combined with improvement in overall efficiencies, so will you.

Our Mission Statement

The right tools that suit your need to help your Printing and Embroidery business grow further than you ever thought possible.

What Eaze Flow Can Do for Your Screen Printing and Embroidery Business

Eaze Flow is a comprehensive Software Cloud-based System, designed to streamline the Customer Order Process and Internal Business Management Processes. We have been working in the Print and Embroidery business for a long time – and we’ve done it well. But we got tired of the lack of good Digital tools for our industry; so, with the help of a top Silicon Valley development company, we just went out and made our own.

With Eaze Flow, your customers enter orders into one portal; this automatically begins the Order process. Employees view the order & begin the process of completing the order through a separate portal. You have complete control over it all; improve efficiencies and Grow your business.