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Mar 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

Screen printing is popularly known for the custom apparel business. However, it is also a medium for artists to express their creativity and ideas on other objects like coffee mugs, caps, bottles and so on. In the words of Andy Warhol, an American screen-printer, “Screen printing is a technique that can be used on any medium to commnicate thoughts, feelings and ideas.” Just as soon as you get an idea that you would like to communicate, you can reproduce it countless number of times on any medium.
As a company or as an individual, what are your promotional or gifting ideas that involve screen printing? It’s apparels – t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts. Right? Long gone are the days when people used to correlate screen printing businesses with t-shirt printing shops. What if we say we have even better ways to customize your marketing strategy and gifting options while being affordable?

Here are the top 4 trendy and fun screen printing ideas that you may not have thought of –

1. Coolie Cups
Coolie cups, also known as koozies, are a fun way to keep your beverages cold. You can see them everywhere and isn’t it what you are aiming for? Every small screen print shop and commercial print shop now offers screen printing on coolie cups. So, when you want to host an event or gift someone something unique, this can be a fun and useful product. Everyone will love it and use it time and again. Also, they are super affordable and can be reused for events, parties or reunions! Heading to the store to get yours customized?
2. Tote Bags
As the world is moving away from plastic, tote bags come in as a handy alternative. You can see them everywhere – from grocery stores to events and conventions. If so many people are using them, doesn’t it make sense for you to step right into a commercial print shop or small screen print shop and get one done for the promotion of your brand oras a useful gift that you would want to give to your loved ones?
3. Towels
You may find it weird but branded towels are a thing! If you ever visit a beach or a golf course, you will know how much branded towels are loved by people. Many business owners have them in their hotels or spas and some prefer keeping them in their homes. With towels, you get something you can use over and over again. Since it has a large canvas; you can put in as much creativity as you want.For this, you should choose a screen printing software management. What are you thinking? Go and get yours done today!
4. Cinch Packs/Drawstring Bags
Cinch packs have gained immense popularity because they are lightweight and very easy to use. These bags offer a good amount of space for your message to be written. So, whenever you think of hosting a promotional event, you can use these custom printed drawstring bags that will be remembered by everybody. Not to mention, these are super affordable and you can get yours done at a small screen print shop or even at-shirt printing shop. When picking a drawstring bag, make sure to go for fabrics like nylon or burlap. They are durable and will hold up against repeated use.

Other items that can be screen printed –

i. Aprons
ii. Electronics
iii. Flags
iv. Binders
v. Ceramics
vi. Glass
vii. Wood
viii. Balloons
ix. Thick film
x. Medical devices
xi. Signs and displays
xii. Sports equipment
Screen printing is cost-effective, fast, has little to no risks and leaves room for creativity. Even though screen printing is adaptable, it’s best when used on a flat surface. This makes the transfer process easier and accurate. Also, know that it is possible for the ink to bleed. So there are some items that are better left to other techniques like embroidery.
If you are not sure whether your promotional item can benefit from screen printing, talk to our experts to learn more about our services.
How Does Screen Printing Work?
Screen prints are made using fine material like silk or nylon that’s been stretched over a frame. A design is then applied to the frame using a stencil or screen block. Both of these block the mesh so that the ink only gets through the material where you want to print.
The ink is then applied to the screen using a squeegee. It is advised to use acrylic paint-based ink for maximum coverage and color. Finally, when it’s done, wait for it to completely dry out before proceeding to the next color. Once done, make sure to lift the frame gently and clean the area.
Tips to Use Screen Printing Wisely –
Always prep the screen first
Prep the artwork
Print on a transparent sheet
Expose your screen
Set up your press
Glide the squeegee
Always use screen printing software management for maximum result
Don’t forget to clean up
Wrapping Up….
Next time you think of any promotional or marketing strategies, keep these 4 ideas in mind. Don’t forget that while t-shirts and apparels are tried and tested items, these 4 options are no less for anyone looking for something different and unique. These just don’t make for promotional uses for events or conventions but is also as a great gifting option too. So, next time you have someone’s special day coming up, pick one of these items and get it customized using screen printing software management.
We bet coolies, tote bags, towels and drawstring bags are great ideas that you may not have thought of with regard to screen printing.
Got any queries? We’re here to help.